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Robert Odland Consulting is a planning and plan implementation firm with offices in Chico, California. Our firm has demonstrated the ability to bridge the gap between innovative concepts and effective implementation programs. Many of these concepts, such as sustainable development, smart growth, and new urbanism, often suffer a disconnect between rhetoric and action.

Robert Odland Consulting services, while tailored to the needs of each client, reflect our views on the importance of efficient government, livable communities, sustainable development practices, rational development patterns, citizen involvement, and collaborative decision-making. Our firm usually works—often as a project management role—as part of a team tailored to provide the best mix of consulting services to the client.

Overall, our firm prides itself on innovative work—based on sound legal, planning, and management principles—that results in concrete actions to carry out public policies. We bring a fresh perspective to projects, based on our broad experience in the U.S., Canada, and Europe.


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