Planning for Sustainability
Resource Management
Regulatory & Growth Systems

Bob Odland, President of Robert Odland Consulting, has a background in planning and law. He has been providing planning and plan implementation services for more than 25 years. His approach is to assist clients in clearly defining their needs and expectations. Often this means going beyond superficial solutions to identify fundamental problems and issues.

Since 1997, when Bob Odland returned from two years in Russia and reestablished the firm, Robert Odland Consulting and its employees have participated in a number of planning, environmental resource management, and regulatory and growth systems projects.

Planning for Sustainability
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Robert Odland Consulting possesses the skills necessary for dealing with the diverse issues of sustainability. We combine a broad body of professional knowledge, an ability to synthesize input from varied disciplines, and an ability to deal with the transition between vision and reality. Our approach to planning for sustainability focuses on developing a framework for sustainability and sustainable development, a methodology for applying sustainability principles, and an effective implementation program.

Environmental Resource Management (view pdf. summary)
Robert Odland Consulting takes a multi-disciplinary, systems approach to land use and environmental planning and resource management. Our scientific, planning, and legal background enables an understanding of the progression from science and public policy to management systems. In addition to land use and environmental issues, we have a background in renewable energy, energy conservation, and energy planning.
Regulatory and Growth Systems (view pdf. summary)
Robert Odland Consulting has extensive experience in working with urban designers and architects to translate design concepts into regulatory formats. We have experience in developing regulations that encourage mixed uses, infill development, and transit- and pedestrian-friendly communities. Our special interest is in integrating housing, mobility, energy, and resource issues into regulations for livable cities.

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